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Event travel. Made easy.

Travelling to a wide range of destinations across Europe, EventTrips offers a one-stop-shop for your complete event package. Which means that you can book your total trip in just a few moments.

We’ve made it amazingly easy to personalise and book your total trip using our in-house developed travel booking platform. Choosing your own flight, hotel and event ticket is just a few clicks away. Read more about our company and our team at our career page.

Our story

It all started as a student project our founder. Being a huge football fan he built VoetbalTravel.nl as a one-stop-shop experience to make it easy for fans to book a complete travel package when visiting a football game abroad. It was an instant hit in The Netherlands. So we thought: “Why not try this in other countries?” That idea hit the back of the net.

Every year thousands of British, German and Scandinavian football fans travel to their favourite club through our local websites. We aim  to be the best in our niche, and we’ve steadily grown to be the market leader for football travel in Europe. This goal has also helped us to score a big win. From this season, we are the first and only official ticketing partner for FC Barcelona in the Netherlands.

We are currently working on other events to add to our booking platform. This will bring us closer to becoming the #1 booking site for fans that want to travel to a live event abroad.

Due to the successful development of market leader VoetbalTravel.nl, we offer the same unique concept to British football fans through FootballBreak.co.uk. Watch our TV commercial we broadcast during live matches on Sky Sports UK.

Experiences from our customers

“Everything was perfectly organized, similar to my last experience with them. The service was very professional. I could recommend Madrid and VoetbalTravel.nl to anyone!”

Mr Ton Herremans went to Real Madrid through VoetbalTravel.nl

“We sat together in the airplane back to Amsterdam with a big smile. Our weekend was just a very special time together!”

Father and son van der Graaf visited Barcelona through VoetbalTravel.nl

“Thanks to FusssballTrip.de for this amazing trip, for us it was a pure stroke of luck. The next trip will be planned soon!”

Jens Heubach and friends visited Liverpool through FussballTrip.de

“A wonderful mother and daughter trip that we shall never forget. We would highly recommend this to anyone.”

Mother and daughter van Kaam visited the opera in Verona through OperaTravel.nl

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Trusted event travel partner

We are an official ticket & travel partner for most of the popular events we offer travel to