It all started as a student project of our founder. Being a huge football fan he built as a one-stop-shop experience to make it easy for fans to book a complete travel package when visiting a football game abroad.

It was an instant hit in The Netherlands. So we thought: “Why not try this in other countries?” It was a popular idea that hit the back of the net. We now help thousands of football fans in over 12 European countries each year through our local websites.

Our goal is to be the best in our niche, and we’ve steadily grown to be the market leader for football travel in Europe. This goal has also helped us to score a big win. We are the very first and only official ticketing partner for FC Barcelona in the Netherlands.

But the best is yet to come:
We are currently experiencing the fastest growth since we started the company. This year, we have expanded into 6 new countries and acquired several new brands. Our expansion continues in order to bring us closer to becoming the #1 booking site for fans that want to travel to a live event abroad.

Working for

We’re a fast growing company and are currently working with a team of people that are passionate about travel, and the technology behind delivering a great experience. We have come together to team up and build the ultimate online booking platform for fans that want to travel to live events.

It’s very inspiring to work in a fast-growing company with the freedom to learn and grow (and to make mistakes). No two days are ever the same. Even better, we do this with amazing colleagues from different countries. Wherever we’re from, we all agree that the combination of ‘travel and events’ is just unthinkably awesome.


  • Work for a fast growing online travel company.
  • Company trips to events in Europe
  • Work in an environment that stimulates to learn and grow.
  • Work on the best combination possible: travel and events.
  • Get the freedom to try out and build new things.
  • Work with hard working (and easy going!) international colleagues.

Employee Experiences:

Imre Toth

"I can share my ideas, surrounded by people who inspire me, and find new ways to improve. This company is agile and awesome.”

Rebecca Reinders – Toussaint
(Customer support)

“I feel that the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people has been invaluable. We all strive for excellence in our personal capacity, as a company as well as when working with our clients. I love that the office is always busy and no two days are ever the same.”

Ingrid Drieenhuyzen

“I like working for EventTrips because my job is about many different (and often new) things. More importantly, I feel I can add to the development of the company.”